Some pictures and maybe narrative, disregard if you like structured content

Recently, I was going for a morning run in the municipal park near my house. There I observed the following:

It appears that a person who is homeless wintered here. The town I live in had taken issue with their squatting:

Some detail shots of the camp:

The site looks down upon what looks (and smells) to be a sewage processing plant and another industrial-looking set of buildings:

I went for a similar run one week later and observed the following:

Two sets of tracks, one which looks to belong to a tractor and the other to a small-format dump truck. The dump truck tracks lead in and out several times.

The site is now (mostly) empty. The “eviction” notices had been taken down

The area where the tents were looks to have been swept clean.

It appears the cleanup crew was not entirely diligent in their work.

Looks like the tractor had some issues maneuvering.

Several small trees seem to have met their demise during the proceedings.

The view remains largely unchanged.

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